Meet Our Team of Cybersecurity Experts

At BitLyft we have brought together a team who is passionate about and extremely knowledgeable in cybersecurity and threat remediation.


Jason Miller | Chief Executive Officer

Jason Miller began his IT career in 1998 and has spent the last 19 years focusing on network, system administration and cloud technologies. Miller is passionate about helping businesses embrace the next generation of technology including cloud adoption and high performance scaling software.

Miller was part of a successful cloud ERP start-up and has additional experience with solution architecture, virtual CTO leadership, innovation direction and software defined architecture. His ability to reinvent and articulate the necessary steps for creating a dynamic environment has made him a sought out leader in his field.

With the constant technical changes organizations face, Miller knows that empowering the people who power the software is the most effective tactic. Miller accomplishes this by listening and helping adopt innovative methods so businesses can make proper decision.

Specialties include: public/private cloud, datacenter, lean operations, devops, cyber security, software-as-a-service, infrastructure-as-a-service and digital business transformation.


Rod Roth | Executive Advisor

Rod Roth started in the IT sector in 1996 when he launched a web development business. He has spent the last 20 years focused on business transformation, successfully helping mid-market and Fortune 500 clients adopt next generation technology and build solutions that work.

He has been a part of start-ups, leading solution integrations and social network platforms - providing thought leadership, creativity and results. The ability to re-imagine and orchestrate in dynamic ecosystems is a strength. He also understands how to build and scale high performance teams and lead them to meet their objectives.

Roth possesses domain knowledge around technology trends and the uncertainty organizations face in today's marketplace. He is able to speak intelligently about these topics to business and technology leaders.

Finally, Roth is also passionate about understanding markets and building products that fit, aligning business objectives with technology and delivering solutions users want, love and trust.

Specialties include: agile teams, design and lean thinking, technology delivery platforms and transforming business through digital innovation.

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